So you’ve interviewed the perfect candidate for your organization’s position. They shined during interviews, passed traditional pre-employment screenings such as criminal record and employment verification and their references gave them glowing recommendations.

Time to present an offer right? Not necessarily.

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DFI Forensics Inc. Open Source Intelligence Investigations for Pre-employment Screening

In this day and age, organizations looking to hire employees should go one step further when performing a pre-employment screen or employee background check. An open source intelligence (“OSINT“) investigation can provide an employer with a wealth of useful information about a candidate before they are hired.

The obvious information that a prospective employer would want to know is if a candidate is associated with any controversial online content that could embarrass your organization or harm your reputation if the candidate were one of your employees. For example, inappropriate social media posts, videos, images, blogs, forum comments or news stories are all sources of evidence that can be examined during an OSINT pre-employment screening investigation.

An OSINT pre-employment screening investigation may also be valuable in revealing evidence of poor cybersecurity awareness practices by the candidate. We may find the information associated with the candidate, such as an email account, has fallen into the hands of cybercriminals. Armed with this information, your organization may want to ensure the candidate is using appropriate security measures when engaging with work email, using workplace passwords and interacting with confidential organization data.

Further, online content may reveal that the candidate has a propensity to engage in risky behavior that a potential employer may wish to consider before hiring the candidate. For example, online content may suggest the candidate would raise workplace safety concerns, potential workplace sexual harassment or bullying behavior or even a tendency to heavily use drugs or alcohol.

All of this information can be used by your organization to accurately determine what level of risk the potential employee may expose you to. Few organizations turn their minds to these considerations prior to hiring a new employee and in many cases it can cause serious financial damage through severance payments, litigation costs and loss of customers or clients.

Don’t take unnecessary risks when hiring a new employee. Have a trained and qualified digital forensics firm conduct a thorough, fast and well-priced OSINT pre-employment screening investigation of your employment candidates before you make that next offer of employment.

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