DFI Forensics Inc. Employee Background Checks

DFI Forensics Inc. conducts specialized open source intelligence ("OSINT") investigations for pre-employment screening and employee background checks.

It’s been an incredible 2018 for DFI Forensics Inc. and Tyler Hatch. From inception to momentum. From vision to realization. From a dream to reality. We are going to come out strong in 2019 and wish all our clients and supporters a happy year filled with happiness, health and continued success.

DFI Forensics Inc. Employee Background Checks OSINT Pre-employment Screening US United States USA Canada
DFI Forensics Inc. conducts specialized employee background checks and pre-employment screening using advanced open source intelligence investigations.

DFI Forensics Inc. specializes in:

Advanced Digital Forensics examinations and investigations for lawyers, businesses and members of the public;

Post-cyberattack, data breach and ransomware attack investigations for the victims of cybercrime (vancouverdatabreach.com);

Cybersecurity awareness and secure configuration of compromised (“hacked”) computers, smartphones and online/cloud accounts;

Open source intelligence investigations for pre-employment screening (osintemployeebackgroundchecks.com); and

Much more!

We have rapidly established a reputation for expert-level digital forensics, incredible value and an amazing client experience. A brief review of our five-star Google Reviews will tell you what you need to know about how much we care about the needs of our clients.
If you require the services we offer, simply call/text (604)880-1418 or email thatch@dfiforensics.ca for more information. Alternatively, submit an online inquiry through our website by filling out the form here.
We will give you honest, expert advice and provide you with a written proposal and quote prior to commencing any work for you. Our quotes matter because DFI clients never pay more they are quoted up front. We believe you want certainty in terms of cost of engaging us so that is what we provide.
We look forward to serving you in 2019 and for many years ahead!

Vancouver Data Breach and Cyberattack Digital Forensics by DFI Forensics Inc.

The risk of a cyberattack or data breach has never been higher nor has the potential damage to your business ever been greater.

DFI Forensics Inc. specializes in advanced digital forensics services for businesses that have suffered a cyberattack, IT network intrusion or data breach in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.

Visit vancouverdatabreach.com for more information.


Organizations must establish a standard for the creation, maintenance, and storage of strong passwords. There are currently two approaches an organization should review when implementing a password policy. The first is to follow all guidelines provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) password recommendations, as listed in Special Publication (SP) 800-63B, Section If an organization is unable to follow NIST SP 800-63B due to budgetary or technological constraints, it is recommended that the following be used while working towards the NIST standard.


  • Implement complexity rules that:
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